Community In Generalities

I use the word community a lot in my life and there are specific groups that I may be referring to when I say “my community” or “the community” or “our community” I may be speaking about people who are part of the intentional communities movement. I may be talking about the poly community or I may be talking about the group of people who continue to engage with me and each other such that a sense of community is created even though there is no actual clear definition to that group. In every instance I’m talking about some group of people who are inclined to maintain awareness of the group that they’re a part of and have an intention to contribute positively to that group. Mostly when I talk community I’m talking about people that I’m interested in having  as a part of my life and the people I want to have in my life are people that want to contribute positively to the world and those around them and are actively organizing with those around them to make that happen.

Community in Specifics

The Mothership:

The Urban Intentional Community that I live in

The Grapevine Network:

A project that me and a few others are involved in to organize a group of Portland Intentional communities that are loosely connected.

The Federation of Egalitarian Communities: 

A union of intentional communities that the Mothership is involved with.

Fellowship for Intentional Community:

A resource for intentional communities (probably best known for the Communities Directory