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It’s important to me to make an effort to be well informed about what’s going on in the world. There’s so much good media and information  out there but at times it can be hard to sort the good stuff out from all the bullshit. I’ve spent a lot of time seeking  information that I find to be worthwhile and would like to  share them with you here. This is in part for the benefit of others but I’m also interested in continuing to improve the media I consume. In posting this I hope to get feedback from others. If you see a source that you think is questionable or have a source that you think is better or think something is missing from my line up please let me know. We are all affected by the information that those around us are basing their decisions on.  

I’ve organized my media links in to the following categories:

Current Events

How The World Works


Sex & Relationships


Much of the media I consume is in the form of podcasts. I use Podbean as my podcast player. you can find the full list of podcasts i follow here: Jesse’s Podbean profile

— Current Events —


Up First

Media type: Podcast

Description: a 10-12 minute rundown of headline news posted every weekday.

Why I listen: This podcast gives a non sensationalized rundown of top news stories and helps me keep up to date with what’s going on politically without being overwhelming.

Slate Political Gabfest 

Media type: Podcast

Description: A discussion based analysis of current political events.

Why I listen: This podcast covers many of the relevant political topics that are developing at any given point and features discussions that I find to be better than most political discussions I hear in the media. The hosts don’t always agree with each other, sometimes they come to agreement after discussion and sometimes they don’t. What I like most about this podcast is that the hosts are not afraid to change their minds when presented with new information or perspectives. Too often what passes as political discussion is two people who are bound to hold onto their viewpoint until the end trading talking points.

Slate DoubleX Gabfest 

Media type: Podcast

Description: A female perspective on current events

All of what I said about the political gabfest applies here as well. This podcast offers quality discussions between it’s well informed hosts and focuses on current events that have relevance to all of our lives but most directly affect women’s lives.

BBC Global News

Media Type: Podcast

Description: A world focused current events podcast.

I like the global focus of this podcast and appreciate it’s straightforward non -inflammatory presentation of the news.


The Young Turks

Media type: Youtube Channel

Description: An independent view on the current events and politics. TYT is a network news style show covering topics often left out of mainstream new and presented by people who often do not get a voice in big media.

Why I watch: They cover a good range of current political news and seem responsive to viewer feedback. One of my criticisms of news programs is they often they seem out of touch with what actually affects common people.

Philip DeFranco 

Media type: Youtube Channel

Description: Philip DeFranco presents the news stories that he’s following from the week.

Why I watch: I don’t always agree with Phil’s perspective but overall he seems to choose good topics to cover and offers some insightful perspective. The main reasons I like this show is that it’s not coming from an elite perspective, it’s clear when watching what’s opinion and what’s fact. I’ve watched phil over the years update his view points and if there’s something that comes up on the show where he’s out of touch or insensitive it’s likely he’ll receive comments on the video and will take in what’s said and update his perspective based on feedback.

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

Media type: Radio/podcast

Description: NPR’s current events quiz show

Why I listen. I listen to this show mostly for fun but I find that it fortifies my awareness of what current events are being talked about currently. If I’m feeling too overwhelmed to take in much  news I can listen to this show for it’s ridiculous humor but still glean some info about what’s going on in the world.
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— How The World Works —

99% Invisible

Media type: Podcast

Description: This podcast explores what we don’t know went into creating the places and things we interact with everyday.

Why I listen: I find this podcast to be incredibly entertaining and informative. I’ve learned so much listening to this podcast and feel that I have a better idea how the world works as a result.

Syllabus for White People to Educate Themselves

Media type: Google Doc

Description: This is a collection of articles assembled to give white people some perspective on the realities that people of color face in our society.

Why I’m reading: I think it’s important as a white person to understand the impacts of racism in our society and I feel this is a good list of resources to begin to understand the racial dynamics in our country.

The Kitchen Sisters Present

Media type: Podcast

Description: “Stories from the b-side of history. Lost recordings, hidden worlds, people possessed by a sound, a vision, a mission.” -The Kitchen sisters present

Why I listen: The stories here are interesting well presented and tend to be stories that are often missed or left out of the in the telling or our human experience.


Media Type: Podcast

Description: “Radiolab is a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience.” -Radiolab

Why I listen: Radiolab is interesting, entertaining and presents stories that are helpful to understanding the word we live in. I appreciate hearing compelling stories that are approached from a scientific perspective.


Media type: Podcast

Description: True stories about our criminal justice system.

Why I listen: I find it to be important to understand how our criminal justice system works not just in a theoretical sense but by hearing true stories about how real people are being affected.


Media type: Podcast

An investigative reporting podcast that knows that there’s always more to the story.

Why I listen: Similar to criminal this podcast presents stories that seem important to hear about how our society works.


Media type: Podcast

A podcast that explores the hidden side of everything.

Why I listen: I think it’s important to understand the incentives that are built into our systems and this is one of the few podcasts that I know of that routinely analyzes systemic incentives. Another important theme tackled by Freaconomics is understanding how statistics and studies can be used to inform or misinform depending on how their used. 

CGP Grey

Media type: YouTube Channel

Description: a channel that provides explanations of things like: voting systems, traffic patterns and power structures.

Why I watch: This channel provides a lot of interesting views into the systems that our society is built on. Particularly interesting to me is the playlist on  Voting systems, and the video: Rules for rulers.  


Media type: YouTube Channel

Description: “videos about science, education, and anything else I find interesting.” -Veritasium

Why I watch: I find this channel has exceptionally good scientific explanations that are presented in concise, approachable and interesting ways.  

Physics Girl

Media Type: YouTube Channel

Description: “Physics videos for every atom and eve.” -Physics Girl

Why I watch: I like the interesting conversations about physics and awesome experiments.

Song Exploder Podcast

Media type: Podcast

Description: A podcast where you can hear popular artist talk about the way their songs were written and recorded.

Why I listen: I often wonder about how music is produced and what’s behind the lyrics of the songs I listen to. It’s great that there’s now a podcast to explore this exact thing! I find not many people understand what goes into making the music they here.


Media type: YouTube Channel

Description: “Learn the histories and some interesting facts about some of the world’s biggest companies such as Samsung, Facebook, Google, Apple, Tesla and more” -ColdFusion

Why I listen: I find that businesses are very influential in shaping the world we live in and understanding how they work seems important. Besides, it’s just an interesting channel.


Media type: YouTube Channel

Description: Quick and easy to understand courses on so many things!

Why I watch: It was the playlist: U.S. Government and Politics that got me interested in this channel just after trump was elected as it seemed particularly important to understand how our system of government worked at that particular moment. Since then I’ve watched a bunch of their videos and they all seem great.
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— Perspectives —


Media Type: Podcast

Description: Awesome Stories about what it’s like to be queer in our world.

Why I listen: First off it’s entertaining but it’s also refreshing to to hear real life stories having to do with the things queer folx encounter in our culture. Also I find that how a culture treats queer rights to be an indicator of how the culture is doing overall.  


Media type: Podcast

Description: A podcast that explores what it’s like to be coming of age in our modern times.

Why I listen: It’s entertaining and relatable and I think it’s important to stay attuned to what young people are experiencing in our world.

See Something Say Something

Media type: Podcast

Description: stories about what it’s like to be Muslim in America.

Why I listen: with the current levels of islamophobia and racism in the U.S. it seems important to understand the real life issues muslims face in our country.

The Moth

Description: A story telling podcast that features true stories.

Why I listen: The stories on this podcast are reliably interesting and it’s always important to me to hear diverse perspectives. Also I think it’s important to hear stories about a lot of different peoples realities. I think it’s too easy to get caught up in political theory and lose touch with what’s actually happening in people’s lives.

This American Life

Media type: Podcast

Description: This american life is like a journalistic variety show exploring wide ranging topics about life in America.

Why I listen: This American Life stories are a good combination of entertaining and useful and expose its listeners to a wide range of perspectives and information.


Description: Risk  is like an adult version of the Moth featuring live stories that may feel like a risk for the storytellers to share.

I listen to this podcast for all of the same reasons I listen to the Moth. I appreciate that this podcast also goes into matters of sex. I find there’s a lot of misinformation about realities of people’s sex lives as a result of it not getting talked about except in limited setting and from limited perspectives.

Fresh Air:

Media type: radio/podcast

Description: An interview based show that features conversations with contemporary artists, authors and politicians.

Why I listen: I appreciate hearing insightful questions asked of a wide range of people. I find fresh air to be entertaining and informative exposing me to viewpoints I may not otherwise encounter.
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— Sex & Relationships —



Media Type: YouTube Channel

Description: a show about sex and all of it’s complexity.

Why I watch: Sex is such a huge part of our culture yet so many people receive very little straightforward information about all of it’s complexities. Sexplinations explores a comprehensive list of topics having to do with human sexuality in an informative and entertaining way.

Sex Nerd Sandra

Media type: Podcast

Description: “A sex-positive, light-hearted, topic-focused jaunt across the landscape of sexuality.” -Sex Nerd Sandra

Why I listen: I listen to this podcast for all the same reasons I watch the sexplinations youtube channel. If you want a sex podcast listen to Sex Nerd Sandra if you want videos watch Sexplinations.

Savage Lovecast

Media type: Podcast

Description: A call in sex and relationship advice podcast.

Why I listen: I find it useful to hear about and think through the many situations that come up in people’s relationships. I find it helps to normalize problems that many of us face but that don’t always get talked about openly.

Laci Green

Media type: YouTube channel

Description: “Sex ed for the internet.” -Lacy Green

Why I watch: Watching Laci Green’s channel keeps me up to date with the current development of conversations around gender, feminism, consent and sexual safety.  Laci seems find herself in the middle of many a internet controversy. I don’t always agree with here perspective or approach but on the whole I find her perspective to be one that’s important to hear and at least be aware of. 

Sex on the Brain with Amory Jane

Media type:Podcast

Description: “Sex on the Brain with Amory Jane is a geeky, feminist’s take on sex, kink, and culture.” -Sex on the brain with Amory Jane.

Why I listen: It’s fun and informative and I like the conversational approach fo the podcast.

Polyamory Weekly

Discription: “Every week, Minx, her cohosts and her guests discuss issues relating to communication, gender, race, sex, kink, manners, dating, family and time management, with perspectives from all around the globe.” -Polyamory Weekly

Why I listen: This podcast offers good conversations about the many facets of polyamory.

Multiamory Podcast

Description: “Multiamory’s mission is to provide awareness and education about the ethical practice of non-monogamy through entertaining and accessible content.”

Why I listen: I find it useful to have language to define dynamics that are specific to polyamory.

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