My 1st Album “Stories” has been my main project for quite some time. I have been writing and recording all of the parts myself using Propellerhead’s Reason software. Guitar and vocals have been my main musical focus but on both Stories and No Time For Fear I also recoded all of the bass and keyboard parts too. The percussion is mostly drum loops. I hope to collaborate with people who actually play keyboard, bass and percussion to develop record and perform my music. For now the songs I’ve recorded will give you a good idea where I’m headed. 🙂 Listen Here 🙂

My 2nd Album: No Time For Fear (In Progress)  has been developing along side Stories. My main focused attention has been on Stories but whenever inspiration strikes to write a song I find it to be important to take the time to get a version of it down. After spending so much time developing and recording songs for Stories I find now when I write a new song it comes out with much less effort so even though I’ve spent less time on No Time For Fear the songs are still at a similar stage of development. 🙂 listen Here 🙂